Welcome to Safcafe’s new websites. The renewed Safcafe opened its doors in August 2021 with new entrepreneurs. We invest in home cooking at lunch and make our own passion for cooking available to everyone with over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry. We also help you organise parties, events for both home and companies.

Lunch served on weekdays 10-15 buffet 10 € and soup lunch 8,50 €

Weekends and public holidays lunch from 11 am- 4 pm, buffet 12,90 €

Burger meals (include fries, 0,3 L drink)

Beef Rendang 10 € – 120 g beef steak with cheese, rendang sauce, cheese and…

Rendang Vegan 10€ – vegan steak, rendang sauce, cheese and…

Hot & Spicy Chicken 10 € – breaded chicken file, bbq mayonaise, cheese and…

Safecafe 11 € – 120 g beef steak, fried egg, cheese, devils- mayonaise and…

Aitan Tupla 15,90 € – 2*120g beef steak, fried egg, cheese, bbq- mayonaise and…

Back to 80´s Grill meals

7,60 €

 Turkish meat pie meal

Kerrosporilais meal

Have you already tasted Aitan Kotiruoka archipelago breaded schnitzel´s?

We use ground archipelago bread as part of breadcrumbs. Dried ground archipelago bread brings more flavor and nutritional value for our schnitzels.

There is more fiber in our schnitzels, that comes from the malt and rye flour of the archipelago bread and keeps the feeling of hunger at away for longer time.

Our schnitzels are lactose-free but not milk-free or gluten-free, we use a mixture of butter and oil for fry the schnitzels

Safcafe Lunch Menu

Mo 6.12

Independence Day



Tu 7.12

Pea soup and panncake

Wheat and carrot steaks L

Pangasius poached in herb stock L, G

Pork meat sauce L

Archipelago schnitzel and lemon L

We 8.12

Emperor´s soup

Vegetable and potatoes casserole
L, G

Cheesegratinated pallas
L, G

Ground beef steaks and sautéed onion
L, ’G

Archipelago schnitzel and shrimp salad L

Thu 9.12

Indonesian Thursday

Sayur menir- Corn spinach cream soup
L, G

Sayur oseng tahu tauge- Sauteed bean sprout and tofu
L, G

Mangut ikan asap- Smoked tuna with spicy coconut sauce               
L, G

Ayam balado ijo- Shredded chicken in tomato and green chili sauce 
L, G

Archipelago schnitzel and coconut and corn salsa L

Fri 10.12

Scottish potatoe soup

Root vegetable pancakes L

Red Snapper in chili orange sauce
L, G

Beef stew

Archipelago schnitzel and cheddar cheese sauce L


Weekdays at 10 am to 3 pm

Soup lunch 8,50 €

soup of the day,
salad buffet

Lunch buffet 10 €

hot food and side dishes,
soup of the day,
salad buffet,

Hardomin leivän

any remaining products of the day sold in Safcafe at after 3 p.m. (Tue-Sat)

Chicken & Fried Potato
"popcorn" Safcafe
Chicken & Fried Potato

Rahtari card -10%

(not included; tobacco, alcohol or other special products)

Safcafe Grilli

Safcafe Burger 11€

Stuffed meat pie and chunky fries 7,50 €

Safcafe Porilainen 4,50 €

Broiler tortilla 4,90 €

Stuffed meat pies 4,50€

Fries with all spices 4 €

Fresh Sandwiches - Safcafe
Fresh Sandwiches

Loviisa Fried Chicken

Hot Wings, BBQ Wings, Panned
8 pcs 6,40 €
10pcs 8,00 €
12pcs 9,60 €

Breaded fillets & 1 sauce

Southern fried Tenderloins,
Pan fried breaded chicken fillet slices
4pcs €6.50
6pcs €8.90
10pcs 13.90 €

Chicken & Fried Potato
”popcorn” portion 6,50 €

Burger & Fries

Hot & Spicy
broiler burger 9,50 €

Cheddar broiler fillet burger 10,50 €

Opening hours

  • Mon – Thu 6 – 20
  • Fri 6 – 21
  • Sat 7 – 21
  • Sun 8 – 20


  • Wheelchair access
  • WC Men, Ladies + Wheelchair access
  • Conference room with a projector screen + projector
  • Conference room
  • WiFi
  • Small essentials shop
  • Smoking area
  • Outdoor seating 20
  • Seats 80
  • Gaming machines
  • Hot & cold food and drinks

Local Businesses

  • Lunches are prepared on site in our own kitchen
  • Daily changing soup, generous salad table, self-made rolls.
  • Meat, fish and vegetable option every day
  • In the preparation of food we do not use ready made sauces, because it is not part of our way of making food.
  • ”Tasty home-cooked food both traditional and modern.”
  • We make lunch lists every week ourselves, we are able to utilise seasonal products, promotional offers and take into account the holidays.